Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Car Paintings

Ford GT40
20x30" Oil on canvas board.

Awesome looking Ford GT40 I saw race in the 50th anniversary cup at Goodwood Revival last year. Got my mate Kev to take some photos of the final painting this week cos it's off to a gallery soon and maybe I'll never see it again.
A few work in progress pictures below. I did this in 4 sessions of about 2 hours each. Was quite tempted to stop working on it at every stage after the 2nd. Had a nice solidity to it throughout and I was scared to lose the energy by tightening it up too much.

This painting is for sale - get in touch if you're interested!

1935 Lagonda Rapier Special 
32x24" Oil on canvas board

Another car I saw racing, this time at Shelsley Walsh a few years ago. Looked awesome so I went and took some pictures of it in the pits. I finished this directly before the GT40 above. Bit of a breakthrough for me cos it's got a lot more movement than my previous paintings, which is something I;d like to carry on.
There's a few in-progress photos below. Not so many this time - I think I fell out with this picture for a while in the middle section so didn't document what I was doing! I read something once that said (to badly paraphrase) every painting has to go through a stage where it looks vile, somewhere between the promise of the rough sketch and the final art where its neither one thing or another. Certainly seems true in my experience.

This painting is also for sale. Again, let me know if you're interested.

To see some of my older paintings check out Kev's flickr set here