Friday, 24 June 2011


Finshed cover art for the US (above) and UK (below) editions of Regicide by Nicholas Royle. I had to do a second cover for the US as it's being sold in as Horror in the states rather than General Fiction, and the distributors wanted a cover to reflect that. The UK one will hopefully have a gold foil printed over the white areas, which I can't wait to see when it gets printed!

Below are some of the pieces of art I drew with some indian ink and a dip pen for use in the photoshop files I made for the cover art. I was deliberately pretty messy in some places (if I keep telling myself this I might believe it one day) so everything looks very battered and old. They look pretty different from the finished pieces, and are quite cool in their own right really. I'm particularly pleased with the fanned out maze patterns, To make them I made my self a circular grid in illustrator then printed it out at 25% cyan and just made up the lines as i went along. You can still see the gris on the scan. If I ever get time I'd like to go back and fill up a whole circle with this stuff.

Lastly is a preview of the jacket design. I took the backgrounds from the files from the covers to use for the spines and back cover texture. This is the good thing about doing both the art and design for a book, normally I wouldnt have the artists layered files to muck about with, which makes matching the rest of the jacket design to the cover art a bit harder.

FC-BC US Edition
FC-BC UK Edition
UK Gold Foil Template

Thursday, 16 June 2011

40k stuff

Kev at work offered to take some photos of my Warhammer 40k models which he saw me painting on my lunch break. Here's the results: