Tuesday, 26 June 2012

No Man's World: The Alleyman

Cover art for The Alleyman by Pat Kelleher, out in August from Abaddon Books. I painted the top half about 4 months ago, then had to leave it for ages. I only got time to finish the bottom part last week.
The plane is a Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter, which I finished separately then added in. Hopefully we'll get it printed up as a promotional postcard or something nearer the book's release date, as I think it looks cool on it's own.

Above is the final art, and below the rough stages of painting.

Tomes of the Dead: Bad Blood

Bad Blood is an ebook novella by Chuck Wendig, which follows on from his previous Abaddon book Double Dead. Originally the cover was gonna be quite different (similar to the Double Dead cover), but I had to get something put together as a placeholder image for the 2012 catalogue, which I always intended to go back to later. In end everyone thought this was so striking we left it as it was.

Twilight of Kerberos: The Shadowmage Trilogy

Design-led cover for the Omnibus of Abaddon's Twilight of Kerberos series. Collecting the 3 books written by Matthew Sprange