Thursday, 28 April 2011

No Man's World: The Ironclad Prophecy

Finally sent this to press this afternoon, after starting the cover art for the Abaddon 2011 catalogue several months ago. Earlier this week I updated the landscape along the bottom based on a cool scene in the book suggested by Pat Kelleher. I also added some gassy nebula stuff up the one side, blood on the goggles and various other little bits and bobs.
I'm glad I finally got to the deadline on this - I'd have kept endlessly changing it otherwise!
Cover art without text is below, plus the design for the front and back cover of the book and some sketches I drew when designing the Stone Beetle and Jabberwock.

The back cover image is the spacey stuff from the cover, rearranged with all the other elements removed. The Jabberwork ended up being quite small on the cover, and I changed it's body shape anyway, but I still think this sketch of it's head is pretty cool.