Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Hell Awaits

Probably the worst pun I've ever written. Worse than 'Tubular Caine'. Is there something shameful about repurposing artwork with santa hats and snow to use as christmas promotional material? I don't know, but if there is I'm going to same circle of Hell as advertising Executives and PR Officers, as I'm quite happy to bastardise my own art and smile whilst doing it... This post was gonna be about the Mongrol pic above, which started life as a random sketch I did after work, before being nicked for the 2000 AD christmas card and Web Forum Calendar - then I realised it's the second time I've done it this month - the previous time being my Deadlock cover (used as a banner on the 2000 AD Christmas Webshop sale). Frankly I should be ashamed. Anyway here's the art, and at the bottom the original way I wanted to finish the Mongrol picture (which I didnt get to do til after RoboSanta). Oh yeah - and for added juvenility I made my signature out of yellow snow.

I should have just finished the sketch when I started it and none of this would have happened...