Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Lunchtime sketching

A sketch I did on my lunchbreak today and just roughly coloured.
Trying to come up with a cool looking update to Dirk Danger's uniform - mainly as I have a new story to draw and (I hope) I'm quite a lot better now than when I came up with his original look. Don't want to change him too drastically, just needs some detail really. And a jet pack.
Gonna try some more tomorrow.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Random Illustration

Some stuff I've done (kind of) recently. The 3 bottom pics where shown recently on Scotch Corner, but I've included the pencils sketches here too. The picture above was intended to be black and white, but i just quickly coloured it up as a test about 30 minutes ago before uploading it. I drew the pencils for the ork biker about 2 years ago now, but I needed something to colour when i was experimenting a bit the other day so it got reused!