Friday, 2 March 2012

Age of Anansi (and more) by James Lovegrove

This cover is for Age of Anasi by James Lovegrove, a novella set in his Pantheon series from Solaris.
It's about a straight laced lawyer who receives the unwanted attentions of Anansi the spider, an African trickster god, which starts off benignly enough but ends up with him fighting for his life in the Mojave desert. If you want a bit more info, and a more coherent synopsis (and to buy a copy!) it's available on Amazon now!
There's already four 'real' books in this series (Age of Anansi is only available as an ebook) with cover art by Marek Okon, so I tried to match the look he'd come up with as best I could. His excellent covers for the original books are below:

and my mockup sketch:

This isn't the first cover I've done for James' books. A while ago Luke and I made some design led covers for some of his older novels that Solaris released as ebooks. Last month I did two more in the same style and updated the five that were already finished. This is the great thing about ebooks, if you feel the need to update things for whatever reason (which I regularly do - I can't leave things alone), you can just do it!