Thursday, 10 December 2009

Cold Warriors cover art

This is the latest cover i've done for Abaddon Books. The series is called The Infernal Game. Not sure of the the plot to be honest but as far as I can assertain it involves 60s cold war spies and the occult, so plenty of stuff to work with!
I must have done about 50 different variations of this bloody thing before scraping them all and starting on the final image above. Some of the ditched ideas are below:

A very abaddon xmas

logo for the new... the new... erm, well its logo for something that abaddon books are doing. No idea if it exists, or where at the moment, but i did a nice picture for it anyway...

New lunchbreak of the dead strip

Just finished another Lunchbreak of the Dead strip, with a beautiful festive theme. Online here now, and printed in 2000 AD prog 2010 out on 17th december!