Thursday, 5 January 2012

Time's Arrow: Black Swan. Work-in-progress!

This is an ebook cover I've been working on for Abaddon, the cover for the second volume of Jon Green's Times Arrow. Above is the work-in-progress colouring, which at the moment is just the pencil drawing multiplied over a layer of colour. I'll have to go back and finish this at a later date, but I want the colours to be similar in tone to that of volume one. Below is the thumbnail I drew before starting, and the teaser design I did a while ago for the back of volume one, which owes more to the design of Pax Omega than the usual Pax Britannia style.

This whole project is pretty cool, and a bit of an experiment. Time's Arrow is getting published in three volumes as ebooks, and between the release of each one the readers will be able to vote for what happens in the next installment!
The first part, Times Arrow: Red Handed, is available now, and Black Swan will be on sale in a month or so. 
Find out more here!