Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Final Cover Art and Design for Double Dead, Solaris Rising and Time's Arrow!

Finished quite a few covers recently, two of which I started probably a year ago but have only just got to send to press. First is Chuck Wendig's Double Dead for Abaddon Books, which I changed quite a lot from my original rough (check that out here). I redrew Coburn, the main character at the top and decided it needed some explanation for the Double in the title so added a load of zombies at the bottom. I always intended to do this but they're quite different to how I thought I'd do it. I was thinking grey shambling silhouettes at the bottom of the image to start with, but green mouldy faces are much more fun! 

The art without coverlines:

I also finished the cover for Solaris Rising, a new science-fiction anthology from Solaris edited by Ian Whates, which went to the printers on the same day as Double Dead by a weird coincidence. Unlike that though the cover art hasn't changed at all from my original go at (which is a rarity for me - I have trouble leaving things alone), but I finally got to add all the cover text on top which I'm pleased with - it fits quite nicely I think and makes the whole thing look a bit cooler.

Lastly a preview of a forthcoming eBook from Abaddon called Time's Arrow, written by Jonathan Green. This will be the first of three covers for this book, which will be released in installments over a few months ( I think). Covers for volumes 2 & 3 coming soon (ish)...

On the left are the pencils for the above image, and right a page from my sketchbook of some designs for Le Papillon, the French Terrorist who appears in the story.