Friday, 1 April 2011

Pax Britannia, Fat Dinosaurs and Mechanical Men

I'm doing quite a bit of work on the Pax Britannia series at the moment - first up is a cover for a ebook collection of Ulysses Quicksilver short stories, out soon from Abaddon. It's based on a quick sketch I did ages ago so it was cool to go back and use it for something. The picture without coverlines is below, and the original sketch is here.
I also created a desktop wallpaper from the Anno Frankenstein image i drew a month or so ago, but I've had to sit on it a bit waiting for the release date (along with a postcard, poster and various other things. If you're interested there's a one for sale on the charity Genre for Japan auction site, signed by Jon Green - and me apparently, but I havent seen it yet!). Various sizes are now available for download on the Abaddon Books site. As a bit of a weird coincidence check out the cover for this weeks 2000 AD!
I'm also currently producing a cover for the next Pax B book by Al Ewing. Look out for Pax Omega, coming soon!