Sunday, 24 April 2011

More Vince

Been ages since I did something just for fun, so I've been doing this in my spare time over the weekend. It's also the first time in ages I haven't finished a a picture in photoshop and used ACTUAL PENS, which was cool (although I couldn't help but add some dot screen stuff after I scanned it in...). Might colour it at a later date. I quite like it as is though.

The pencils, plus some doodles I did in front of the TV before I started. Trying to work out what my character looks like. I never bothered before, just winged it from panel to panel. I was kind of thinking of a grizzled Ayrton Senna, with a laconic French thing going on, but in the sketch above he looks more like Pat Mills... sorted it out in the inks.