Friday, 30 July 2010

2000 AD Redesign

I've been tweaking the 2000 AD logo over the past few weeks, and have redesigned the Nerve Centre and Input page. All starting in Prog 1700 in a few weeks!

Here's the logo, with various colour tests. It's not changed too much, but I've fattened the letters and redone the badge. I always liked the badge from the early-90's so I've tried to echo that but keep it looking modern. My other objective was to get rid of the price/barcode boxes that normally sit to the right of the logo at the top of the cover. Without these it can sit completely centrally and uses the full width of the page. The issue number will now go under the badge, and the other details will all be in the barcode box, which will float around from week to week depending on where it fits best.

This is a teaser advert I designed for Prog 1699 and Megazine 301. The ace new Tharg is by Henry Flint. Lastly here's a rough template for the editorial pages: I was getting annoyed with the old ones being too fussy so I've stripped them right back. They've also been bought more in line with the current look of the Megazine which Luke Preece did a few months ago.

Prog 1700 is on sale 1st September 2010 - go and buy it!