Monday, 2 November 2009

Car paintings

1920-something Crossley Tourer. 18x24' oil on canvas

I've got a bit of a thing for cars. This is the first one I tried painting properly. It was a present for my dad - it's his car in the painting.

2001 Rover Mini Seven. 18x24' oil on canvas

Another present - this time for my wife. She had this car from new and was a bit gutted when she had to sell it recently, so I did her a picture to remember it by.

mk.1 Triumph Spitfire. work-in-progress.

A commission! Only spent a couple of hours on this so far, hence the roughness but it's starting to look the right shape now. I quite like some of the rougher, half-finished areas so I might leave some bits further back in the painting very loose (the far front light for example) and bring the foreground into focus. The chrome bumpers looking ok too, although I need to adjust the centre line of the bonnet.